SoftTech Health Introduces New DocLineUpLite? Software - Articles & News About Health

SoftTech Health Introduces New DocLineUpLite? Software - Articles & News About Health

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SoftTech Health Introduces New DocLineUpLite? Software

(PRWEB) January 22, 2008 -- In today?s heavily regulated healthcare environment, clinicians feel that they spend far too much time pushing paper, and not enough time providing patient care. One example of this paper burden is that hospitals and departments such as lab or nursing must maintain hundreds of ?Policies and Procedures? to help reduce their legal risk. Every hospital ? whether it has 50 beds or 500 ? must maintain, revise, and control these documents every year. However, traditional document management software packages, while they help solve these challenges, often come with a five or six-figure price tag.

SoftTech Health (, the well-known provider of software solutions to the healthcare industry, has announced the launch of their new solution, DocLineUpLite?. Designed for the many smaller hospitals and departments that need help with managing their Policies and Procedures, DocLineUpLite? has some important differences from traditional document management systems. Significantly, the product is designed and priced to be affordable for smaller organizations. Additionally, the solution is distinct from a document imaging solution. Document imaging helps hospitals convert paper documents to digital form through scanning. Pure Document Management solutions (also known as Document Control in healthcare circles) such as DocLineUpLite? are meant to help healthcare organizations ensure that documents are revised correctly, approved by the right people, distributed, and archived properly.

The steps involved in document control can consume many hours of staff time ? and they require the same effort for small hospitals as for larger ones, since the smaller organization must have the same number of P&Ps and must maintain the same control over them. But the smaller hospital is caught in a double bind, in that they don?t have enough staff on hand to manage their documents manually, yet they typically do not have the budget for the document management software applications currently on the market.

The development team behind DocLineUpLite? has radically diverged from SoftTech Health?s full-scale document control solution which is installed in larger, multi-site hospitals. ?The smaller hospitals were telling us, we don?t have the same needs as bigger hospitals. We don?t need a lot of the advanced software functions ? but we do need a solution that can be implemented without taxing our small IT department.?

These hospitals in smaller towns and rural areas number in the thousands, and with DocLineUpLite? they now have access to a document control solution at a price that is proportionate to their budgets. SoftTech Health is offering DocLineUpLite? as a managed services solution and touting an easy-to-understand pricing system.

About SoftTech Health: SoftTech Health is the leading provider of document control and quality management software in the healthcare industry. The firm?s solutions have enabled hundreds of clients to realize their goals of reducing risk and cost with easy-to-use software products.

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