Significance of Cleaning Cosmetic Brushes Absolute health

Significance of Cleaning Cosmetic Brushes    Absolute health

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Cosmetic brushes are essential tools when it comes to makeup application. Even though some women are quite adept at using their fingers when applying makeup, it is recommended that cosmetic brushes be used for eye shadow, blush on and foundation. Cosmetic brushes, or makeup brushes, make it easy and convenient to apply makeup on these hard-to-reach areas.

Cosmetic brushes should also be cleaned as often as they are used, since these come in direct contact with the skin. Leaving makeup brushes dirty, even for a short period of time, encourages the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Storing brushes in cosmetic brush bags alone is not enough, and actually increases the growth rate of bacteria. These brushes should be cleaned at least once or twice a week to avoid the spread of bacteria and the possibility of transferring these micro-organisms to facial skin.

The accumulation of germs and bacteria is the primary reason why it is absolutely necessary to regularly clean makeup brushes. The residual cosmetic fragments, dead skin cells and oils contribute to the collection of bacteria. When dirt and other residue stay longer on the bristles, there’s a very high chance for bacteria to grow and proliferate in this environment. When a dirty makeup brush is used, micro-organisms not only can clog skin pores and cause irritation, but it can also cause skin infection and spread disease.

Regular cleaning of cosmetic brushes ensures the elimination of germs and bacteria, and also prevents the spread of skin diseases and other ailments. Properly washed brushes also helps maintain their condition and prevents the bristles from caking or drying out. There’s also a greater chance that well-maintained brushes will last much longer, around two years, depending on the type and quality of the makeup brushes. This translates to huge savings in beauty product purchases, especially when one prefers high-quality, relatively more expensive cosmetic items.

How to properly clean makeup brushes

There are specially formulated brush cleaners in the market that can be used to properly wash and clean makeup brushes. These brush cleaners come in water- and alcohol-based formulations. Water-based cleaners are more recommended than alcohol-based versions because the alcohol content can cause bristles to dry up. This makes the brush more difficult to use in the next makeup application. Even if the aim is to clean the brushes, of course you should not risk the quality of the brushes afterwards.

Readily-available products in the home can also be used easily and effectively if one is on a tight budget or simply does not prefer the commercially-produced cleaners. Shampoo or even facial cleanser can be used right off the bottle to clean cosmetic brushes. Just lather the shampoo onto the brush, wash and rinse off with clean water. Reshape the brush to restore its form and use a clean towel to allow air-drying.

Here’s an added tip for those who really want to make sure that their cosmetic brushes are totally clean and bacteria-free – use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and sanitizer – just add three to four drops of the oil combined with the cleanser, and use the solution to wash out dirt and bacteria from the makeup brush.

Lastly, after all the careful cleaning is done, finish it off by storing them in chic and functional cosmetic brush bags. Most brush bags available in the market today have individual compartments where cosmetic brushes can be stored and organized. Storing the brushes upright inside the brush bag also prevents the bristles from being damaged. There you have it – a cleaner and more organized cosmetic brush set, ready for use.

Jenny Long is now writing for her college magazine on health and beauty issues. She hopes to continue with this online after she leaves college.

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