Selling Dreams Vs. Selling Opportunity

Selling Dreams Vs. Selling Opportunity

Millions of people get online to look for something that could help them reach their dreams. Millions (also) of companies in the world wide web lure you into buying the DREAM that you think would become a reality one day. Many companies entice you with the idea of getting wealthy quick by following this system or that in just 7 days, and they offer your wonderful dreams on a platter that’s difficult to resist.

We all want to become financially stable, I truly understand that. I totally understand what it feels like to want (and NEED) not having to worry about a bill that’s left unpaid. I know how it feels like to check your online bank statement only to find out that you won’t have enough money to gas up the car for the upcoming week! And so we all find ourselves wanting something tangible, reliable and genuine as a source of extra income that will allow us to breeze through another week without being anxious about an empty freezer and a barren pantry.

Yes, we want financial freedom. But we have to be very careful in our search for the company that will lead the way to that because many are just selling DREAMS and nothing more. They sell really, really, really fast but people later on realize that what they got for investing too much of their time, effort and money was a dream that will keep them wanting, waiting, hoping still.

We all may be desperate for something that could help improve our finances TODAY, but let’s slow down a bit and make sure that the company that we will give our everything to is one that sells OPPORTUNITY instead of dreams.

There are legitimate companies out there that offer and sell opportunity and I believe we can spot them easily from the counterfeit if we use the following measures for genuineness…

1) PURPOSE. Every company out there has a purpose for being. Get to know the purpose behind the company that’s offering you something. Try to see if they have a genuine purpose for existence or if they only exist to promise you BIG amounts of money with little effort and less time involved. What is the purpose of the company? If the only purpose the company exists is to make customers rich and happy with their system and their product, then we should think twice before we leap. We should learn more about the company’s product and target market before we become totally hyped with the idea and dream they are selling us!

2) PRODUCT. Every company out there that is in the marketing scene will always have a product for you to consider. There’s LOTS and LOTS of products ranging from skin care, to juices, to energy bars, to laundry detergents, to chocolate bars to websites and to anything else one can imagine marketing these days. One thing we ought to really consider is the product itself. Yes, we may become future marketers of it BUT, what do we REALLY get from the product itself? We ought to understand clearly and be convinced fully that the product exists for something important. It should offer a solution for something and not just stand as an item you have to have in order to make the money flowing as they promised! Without a real essence of what the product is for, everything will just prove to be a DREAM instead of an OPPORTUNITY.

3) PRICE. Of course, you have to invest in order to get something in return. And if we all want to see money coming in, then we have to expect money to go out. BUT WAIT! There’s a catch here. Investing in something GENUINE doesn’t necessarily mean doling out a huge amount of money. We have to be very careful with this. Many of the companies we would encounter would require us investing in hundreds of dollars in order to get hold of the product and in order to grab hold of that dream they’re selling.

But there are companies that TRUTHFULLY offer OPPORTUNITY and they usually would give an offer of a trial period for you. A trial period offer, for me, is the most CLEAR picture of what a company is truly selling me. Dreams could come in expensive packages and could easily disappear the moment we wake up from the hype. But Opportunity, now that’s a different story, because companies that do offer it will prove to be giving that out by allowing me to test drive everything first.

When we invest in something that COULD help our financial status, may we find time to seek out if the investment we’re making is with a company that genuinely sell OPPORTUNITY instead of just Dreams. After all, we will honestly eventually reach our Dreams when we find ourselves in the middle of a powerful and genuine opportunity!

Here’s a little something… What if you will have the OPPORTUNITY to join the BEST company that offers a solution to the Health Care Industry’s problem? What if you can start running your own biz and reaching others while still in your 2-week TRIAL period? What if you only pay $9.90 to start off with the country’s leading provider network company that genuinely offers an innovative and revolutionary solution to all markets?

How about grabbing an opportunity instead of a dream, eh? Come, now is YOUR time to do so…