Diet Shakes… Healthy way to weight loss

Diet Shakes… Healthy way to weight loss

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Diet Shakes… Healthy Way To Weight Loss

Whatever the reason of that obesity, either medically or unhealthy living, we all know that throwing off those fats out of your body is a slow, tiring and not so easy task. But, Switching to a healthier lifestyle with good eating habits can help far better than anything else.

For a good weight loss strategy, we don’t need to starve or spending half a day in gyms, nor those pills helps that needle of weight machine drops down for a stable period of time. For a healthy stay in shape purpose, diet shakes are really helpful. It is a healthy way to weight loss which is rapid, without damaging body organs and with a boost in metabolism.

Now, this diet is also gone commercialized and many artificial mixes are available but, for me, the home made shakes are far better than these mixes due to those additives and preservatives and side effects. It nourishes body; keeps hydrated and make stronger bones along with the feeling of full stomach.

To make a diet shake at home to reduce weight in a healthy way, ingredient must be chosen wisely. You can use basic supplies in your kitchen with the tinge of your favorite flavors to relax your taste buds and your home made diet shake is ready to boost your metabolism and energy.

A low fat milk or yogurt can do best for a liquid base. Boil your regular milk and remove fats layer from top when chilled. It’s healthier than skimmed or low fat milk available in stores. Milk is a proficient source of calcium and protein.

For the need of unsaturated healthy fats, nuts like almonds and walnuts can be used. They are also very good source of energy boosters. You can also add egg white which is more helpful in terms of losing weight.

Carbohydrates are the basic ingredient of every food and our brain never accept a meal for a full feeling which does not contain it, as it is the basic food requirement of our brain. For this purpose, fruits can be used as they are rich in high fiber.

The ingredients in diet shakes plan must be chose according to your BMI and requirement of weight loss strategy. Check for the calories count of every ingredient to acquire a perfect shape in long run.

Calories can vary according to the recipe. Bananas and Mango shakes have high calorie count in fruit shake list while, berry shakes are lower in figure.

As for a veggie smoothie, Cucumber, Green Gourd and spinach are the most favorable ingredient to lose those fats fast. The richness of iron and high metabolism boosters are there to help you out.

Here is an effective Diet plan with homemade shakes for weight loss,

Choose a week of every month in which you should drink only shakes as the basic 5 course of meal.

For Breakfast have an egg with any shake you like. For the rest of the meals have a bowl of salad or fruits with a milk or yogurt shake. If you crave for sweet, add a teaspoon of honey in your shake.

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